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Socks - Long Live Long Rides by DeFeet


SKU: 1344-DFLT

Produced by DeFeet International, these socks feature DeFeet's signature Levitator Trail design highlighting the Long Live Long Rides initiative.

Description :
From their factory in the hills of North Carolina, DeFeet crafts these socks specifically for trail riding. Time on a bike is precious. Away from paved roads every piece of your equipment matters even more. These socks will enhance those times by giving you better performance and durability. They even used recycled plastic water bottles to make this pair mean more to the environment, too.

Care Instructions :
Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low, no chlorine bleach.

Sizing :
Medium -     Men 7-9          Women 8.5-10.5
Large -        Men 9.5-11.5   Women 11-13
Xtra Large - Men 12+

Price: $13.00
Weight: 2.2 oz