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Bike Parks - IMBA's Guide to New School Trails


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Bike Parks - IMBA's Guide to New School Trails

An exciting era of bike park development is underway. Today, bike parks are getting built in attractive, easily accessed locations, and municipalities are funding them at the same level as other types of recreational facilities. Modern bike parks are designed to appeal to every skill level, with enough variety to keep riders coming back for years. Well-considered plans for maintenance and regular improvements ensure that these parks will be attractive and fun to ride for the long term.

IMBA has encountered a growing demand for information about how to plan, build and maintain successful bike parks, along with flow trails and other purpose-built bicycling facilities. This book examines all phases of planning, designing, building, and operating these facilities, with real-world success stories and multiple essays provided by leaders in the field.

This resource offers 178 information-packed pages. It includes essays from more than two dozen expert contributors, and is loaded with 116 full-color photos, plus real-world bike park schematics, graphs, charts, and much more. It's an essential resource for anyone planning a bike park project. It also makes a great coffe table book for park- and gravity-oriented riding enthusiasts.

Topics include:

  • Inspiring a community-based vision
  • Fundraising strategies and partnerships
  • Risk management and liability
  • Design principles and concept documents
  • Contracting and construction advice
  • Maintenance and operations

Book author Bob Allen is a Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee for his photojournalism and mountain bike advocacy work. Allen has helped document the evolution and growth of mountain biking for more than three decades.

Here are a few preview pages from the book


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