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Have No Fear, Cape Fear SORBA Is Here!

So where is there to ride in Wilmington, NC? Well, there’s the popular Blue Clay trails, there’s kinda sorta the UNCW trails, and now there’s the new trails out at Brunswick Nature Park. The dedicated members of Cape Fear SORBA have been working with county agencies to get trail on the ground for their community. The club has written agreements with New Hanover County for their work out at Blue Clay and with Brunswick County for their work at Brunswick Nature Park.

When Brunswick County said they wanted mountain bike trails at the park, the club leapt into action. They have built an impressive beginner-friendly loop in tricky terrain with completely elevated tread to keep the trail and riders out of the boggy ground below. The loop is twisty and flowy, with lots of banked turns to keep things interesting. The tread is wide and smooth and the sight lines open, making it a great place for new riders to get used to riding off-road. Most people who will relish riding this trail will probably never know the amount of sweat and backbreaking work volunteers put in to make it happen. Hopefully the word will continue to get out and more folks will step up to pitch in.

They have also cut in a tighter, twistier intermediate loop in the adjacent woods and have plans for an advanced loop that will challenge riders with a number of technical trail features, including drops, rock gardens, jumps, bridges, and other goodies. During our Saturday trailbuilding school, volunteers cut in the first 500 feet of the advanced loop, which got people stoked to come back and keep it going.

For their part, Brunswick County has been incredibly open and supportive of the trails and the work the club is doing. They have established a great working relationship with the club and are thinking progressively to offer the community great trail experiences. We love to see this!

So far, we are seeing a recipe for success in Wilmington – good partnerships between the club and land managers, dedicated volunteers, and designing trail that offers something for everyone, from beginner to shredder. We can’t wait to hear how things progress at Brunswick Nature Park, for Cape Fear SORBA, and for riding in the Wilmington area!

If you want to get involved, check out the club’s website and follow their Facebook page. The next big work day at Brunswick Nature Park is scheduled for December 3rd – go out and get your hands dirty!




Check out more photos on Cape Fear SORBA's Facebook page.

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cape fear sorba tcc visit

Your visit here was timed perfectly, Jake and Jenny. It didn't rain! As usual IMBA reinforced sustainable trail design and construction to those of us that have been building down here, but more importantly, it demonstrated the way it should be done to those that have just started. And, y'all made it fun.
Now to keep the momentum rolling!
I'm also glad y'all had a chance to ride Blue Clay, and learn about the challenges in New Hanover County.
Brunswick Nature Park is going to be epic once its done. And now y'all are a big particle of it.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for doing what you do! These trail building schools (among other things) are an amazingly valuable tool that any club can benefit from. If the TCC has never come to your area do everything you can to remedy that. They really are amazing.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for your comments! Jake and I had a great time riding and working with all of you and are excited to see the work being done out there. If we ever come through the area, we'll definitely swing by and check out your progress!