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My Two-Year-Old Gets Bit By the MTB Bug

During a visit to Boulder's equivalent to Disneyland (Valmont Bike Park) on his new Strider balance bike, my two-year-old son got this look in his eye and I knew that was it. (I think most of you reading this know what I mean)

Although he still doesn't really get the idea of pushing himself along with his feet, he loved whirling around both pumptracks at mach speed, feet up on the footrests, while mommy pushed him as fast as her own little legs could run. Somehow, after every round, he was just as breathless as I was. You gotta wonder how many calories a person could burn if they felt this same level of excitement for an hour every day?

Then, still breathless and without breaking his permagrin, he'd say, "Do it again, Mommy?" I didn't mind because, one, running as fast as I could pushing 25 pounds around a pumptrack was a great workout for me, and two, I could see that this was the spark to the same life long love affair with bikes and the outdoors that has blessed my own life. (Plus, bike parks make it easy to sneak in a few good laps yourself!)

Perhaps I will be lucky and there will be a Boulder toddler ride at IMBA's 2013 Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day.

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Rding with kids

Ridning with your kids is one of the best experiences I have had, and I get to have it all the time. My oldest son, Jake, is 12 and has been riding with me since he was 9. My Daughter, Ryan, is 8 and has been riding with me and racing XC since she was 6. My youngest son, Conner, just turned 7 and is gettting used to his new bike but by March or April he will be ready to ride trails with us.

I have had friends tell me they don't want to ride with their kids because it's too slow or they can't get a good work out, they don't know what they are missing!

Here is a link to my article about the Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day that we attended.

Thank goodness for parents like you!

What an awesome event it looks like you put on for soooo many kids. IMBA and the world needs more parents like you. I hope I can get my kid(s?) as stoked about biking as you have. Thanks for the inspiration.