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Outside Magazine's Top Ten MTB Hut Trips Includes Three IMBA Destinations Partners

Ever dream of going on a multi-day mountain bike trek, but can't quite bring yourself to haul all that camping gear nor to fork over the dough (and your sense of individualism) to a full-service package tour? If so, than the hut-to-hut option is perfect for you.

There are hut systems all over the U.S., as well as other countries like New Zealand and Argentina. Originally they were used to provide shelter when tent camping was not an option due to winter temperatures and snowy conditions. Winter hut trips on cross-country skis have been popular in Colorado for decades, and many are now well used by backpackers in the summer, who prefer not to carry the extra weight of a tent. Now, many hut systems and outfitters are seeing the great opportunity in opening their trails, and and catering to the needs of, the growing market of mountain bike travelers. And trail riders likewise are discovering the pleasure of an epic journey by bike that they can do without breaking the bank or their backs.

Huts vary in ammenities, from the bare-bones 10th Mountain huts near the Colorado Trail, which provide little more than mattresses and cooking equipment, to the biker's basics such as food, sleeping bags, and sometimes even beer provided by the San Juan Huts, Colorado Backountry Biker and Cascade Huts (all three long-time IMBA supporters), to the Coyote Yurt in Sun Valley that will deliver three-course meals and provide guides upon request.

To learn more, check out this article on the Top Ten mountain bike hut trips, recently published by Outside Magazine.

Congrats to the original mountain bike hut folks, San Juan Huts for receiving first place!

Photos in this blog provided by Colorado Backcountry Biker, a founding member of the IMBA Destinations program. Thanks Kevin!

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