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Founder of Orange Mud Nominated for Entrepreneur of 2014 - PLEASE VOTE!

Orange Mud EmergingOrange Mud, a hydration pack maker, became an IMBA supporter in its first year of business and its products aren't even targeted for mountain bikers. Recognizing the value of investing in trails and social causes sets this company apart from so many start-ups, and is one of the many qualities that won their founder, Josh Sprague, a nomination for Entrepreneur Magazine's Entrepreneur of 2014 award.

Josh supports IMBA because he's a passionate mountain biker who recognizes that more trails equals more sales for everyone whose clients are trail users. In addition to supporting IMBA with an annual corporate membership, Josh recently has been working with local groups to see about expanding trails in the Cleveland National Forest area.

Since then, Orange Mud has begun coordinating with the IMBA Regional Director in SoCal, Patrick Kell, and the nearby IMBA Chapters. Orange Mud plans to put aside $10-20K in the next couple of years to put toward this project, and would like to invite other IMBA supporting brands to join him so that, together, they can build a comprehensive system of bike-optimized trails in a new landscape.

Josh is going above and beyond to help further IMBA's mission, so let's return the favor and support him with your vote:

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