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Fat Bikes vs. E-bikes: Bike Snob NYC to Host Entertaining Recap at World Summit

After an intense afternoon of debates over the impacts and management of fat bikes and E-bikes at IMBA's World Summit, the infamous blogger will provide some "healthy" insight to the matters over Colorado brews during the IMBA World Summit. For a list of all the workshop topics, click here.


One of the pioneers in the fat bike movement and top summit sponsor, Salsa Cycles, will be have a few on hand for attendees to check out. There is now an annual Fat Bike Summit held to address access, impacts, and safety of Fat Biking. Those issues were discussed at length at the 2013 Fat Bike Summit in Idaho- for a great summary of the concerns around Fat Biking, click here.


Also, get a chance to experience electronic bikes, courtesy of another summit sponsor, Currie Technologies. For IMBA's official position on electronic mountain biking, click here.

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