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Tin Man Trail Continues...

Tin Man Trail Continues...

By: Chris Kehmeier
Posted: March 12, 2014

The continued construction of the Tin Man trail above Tai Lam Chung reservoir is creating an amazing new experience here in Hong Kong. Hong Kong AFCD and IMBA Trail Solutions are putting the final touches on the first third of the completed trail, while the middle third is almost nearing completion. Drops, tables, berms and hips are being added into the already lively trail to help add a destination quality feel for the new re-route.

An excavator and local operator arrived on site for two weeks of building through the “wasteland” section of Tin Man. Being new to the mechanized trail construction world, the operator and land manager both faced a new learning curve on what is possible. Benching on steep side slopes, creating large grade reversals and creating insloped turns in a matter of hours caused some head scratching, smiles and aha moments for all involved.

A volunteer day with the HKMBA and the AFCD Country Park Voluneers was key in creating some mountain bike specificty to the trail. Backslope work and the addition of bigger rollers was reserved for higher up the mountain. On the lower sections of trail a rock garden was added to add some spice and harden up a short piece of steep tread.

With one more month of construction by the hand crews before the rainy season sets in, Tin Man will see a bit more development this year. The goal is to finish the middle third of the re-route and let things settle for the spring and summer before resuming construction in the fall.

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