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Reroutes Bring More Singletrack to the Vail Valley

Working closely with Land Managers is one reason we have really enjoyed our first few months as the trail care crew, each and every region has its own challenges from the land management standpoint some more apparent than others. In Vail, CO, the local community fully embraces mountain biking and singletrack based outdoor recreation, on any given day you will see a wide spectrum of users out on the more than 600 miles of trail surrounding the area. Managing these trails from a land manager’s perspective is difficult, since many of these trails have been in place for more than 20 years; many need constant maintenance or attention. Some of the more accessible trails though, have the potential for sustainable reroutes that will provide a better user experience while requiring less maintenance.

Our project for our weekend in the Vail was a reroute of the fall line, massively eroded Berry Creek trail just across I70 from Edwards. With the Forest Services approval and some substantial foresight from the Vail Valley Mountain Bike Assoc., we were able to integrate some educational aspects into a positive day of trail building and restoration. With the help of 45 hearty volunteers, we spent the morning working though sustainable trail building techniques before heading out to work in the field. “We hope to integrate a lot more sustainable singletrack in areas widely accessible for valley residents and Berry Creek has been on our list for awhile” explained VVMBA board member Jaime Malin “We are fortunate to have some great partnerships with the Forest Service and continue to show that we can be counted on to get projects done and create a positive impact.”

With extensive help from local mountain bikers and Forest Service employees we made a huge adjustment to the problematic Berry Creek trail, rerouting about 1000 feet of the unsustainable old roadbed. We are excited to see the momentum continue in Vail and the relationships flourish between local mountain bikers and land managers.

Thanks to VVMBA, the White River Forest Service, the Dusty Boot for lunch, Gore Range Brewery and all of our volunteers who came out from all the surrounding communities. We couldn’t have gotten the project completed without you all and your enthusiasm for trails in the Vail Valley.

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