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Creating a Bright Future for Mountain Bikers in San Fran

Densely populated with limited public open space access, the Bay Area may not be known for its extensive mountain bike opportunities. But recently reinvigorated, local mountain bike group, San Francisco Urban Riders have been hard at work identifying opportunities to create and connect trails around the city. With an extensive of public and private land agencies holding a majority of the open space around the city, identifying quality contacts can be a massive undertaking. But continued efforts and networking has proven hopeful for local riders.

In partnership with other area trail stewards and user groups, San Francisco Urban Riders hosted more than 40 local volunteers at an IMBA Trail Care Crew Trailbuilding School at Mt. Sutro Open Space, an area owned by the University of California – San Francisco and managed and maintained by the Sutro Stewards conservation group. Despite the rainy weather, interested mountain bikers commuted from all over the bay area, many braving the wet streets and commuting by bike. After a few hours discussing sustainable trailbuilding techniques attendees were able to spend some time looking at real world examples out in the field on the Mt. Sutro trail network.

Overall, it was an excellent weekend in San Francisco and we are excited to see the mountain bike community band together in this densely populated and possibly highly contentious urban area. Thanks to the San Francisco Urban Riders, especially Matthew Blain, The Sutro Stewards, and Lagunitas Brewing for their support of trails and mountain biking around the Bay Area!

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