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Community Excitement inspires Big Dreams in Montrose

City officials are rarely the first to see the light when it comes to accessible singletrack development—often it is local advocates who are the catalyst to an organized local trail vision. But a recent visit in Montrose, Colorado, was a great example of that minority, where community planners are the ones taking strides to create a community trails master plan and vision. It was refreshing to be invited to an area where there is ample enthusiasm from local mountain bikers, but also extensive buy-in and interest from folks who see value in mountain biking and it’s communal benefits.

With our Better Living Through Trails presentation taking place at a local brewery, we knew the visit would be a memorable one, but we would have never assumed Montrose would have the exciting potential it does. Our presentation was followed by a local trails vision given by the city’s senior planner. A vision filled with mileage, diversity and destination focused experience. Joined by a room full of trail advocates, land managers, local business owners, city council members, and interested citizens from around the county. It was an exciting afternoon followed by solid conversation about trails and the areas potential.

Though the weather to kept us from building trail Saturday, we were able to build some momentum and were glad to see 15 volunteers at 8 am Sunday morning despite storms swirling around the surrounding hills. With an excellent turn out from some youth mountain bikers paired with a variety of other local trail users, the new trail project saw some extensive project. After an engaged day of sustainable trail education, it was obvious many local volunteers were excited to be a part of Montrose continued trail development.

It was inspiring to see a variety of interested parties engaging with COPMOBA (Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Association), while seeing so much growth just north in the Grand Junction area, we are excited for Montrose to add to the Western Slope’s cornucopia of singletrack.

Thanks to COPMOBA especially Laurie Brandt and Bill Harris, Tim and Sarah Judkins for the welcoming accommodations, Julie and Barb from the BLM, Two Rascals Brewery and everyone else involved in making our weekend in Montrose a great one!

More pictures from the weekend here


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