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Building in Progression and Suatainability in Winter Park

Our first few visits since beginning our stint with the Trail Care Crew have been in places where trails aren't the most accessible amenity in the area. Riders are looking to develop some level of access to get them out riding and to hopefully bring an asset to the community through trails. But Winter Park, our first visit out west brought about a new set of learning experiences for us while opening our eyes to the different problems each community faces.

As the self proclaimed, Mountain Bike Capital USA, Winter Park has the trails, the mountain experience, and an array of riding experiences, but like any town is facing their challenges to becoming a well-versed mountain bike mecca. But thanks to the local trail organization, Headwaters Trail Alliance and Grand Mountain Bike Assoc., we were excited to work together with the Winter Park community and Land Managers and discuss ways to make the mountain bike experience more appealing to a broader demographic.

Working closely with Land Managers is one of the most important steps that can be taken to ensure successful trail development and Winter Park is doing well. Local forest service, BLM, and Town agents were in the room and super receptive to developing the variety and infrastructure to give Winter Park the added boost to bring more beginner and intermediate riders to their trails. After presenting our Better Living through Trails presentation to many other involved community members it was impressive to see that mountain biking has a very broad reach in the community.

With the community, local recreationists, and land managers on board it is just a matter of bringing together an organized group and working towards a common goal. Our volunteers hailed from all over the country, some year round homeowners from Winter Park, others made the trek from the Boulder Area, while some just happen to be in the area on vacation. Overall, it was great to see a variety of ages and ability levels excited to learn about sustainable trails and how to help develop the local trail system into a more palatable option for the greater good. With great turnouts at our presentations and good progress on a trail re-route, we can chalk our Winter Park visit up as a successful one because of all who were involved.

Thanks to Maura and Erica at the Headwaters Trail Alliance, Keith from Grand Mountain Bike Assoc., and Jeff from Fraser Valley Trail Partners for bringing us into Winter Park. We appreciated the hospitality from everyone who attended any of our presentations and we are excited to see Winter Park continue to develop as a world class destination.




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