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Adding Mileage in Kewaunee, WI

Located just east of Green Bay, WI, Kewaunee is in a great location for trails with beautiful views of the Lake Michigan Shore and an abundance of open lands.  We rolled into town under cloudy skies excited to checkout the trail project, but apprehensive about the weather holding for the weekend. Chris Daming, from the North West Wisconsin Trails, greeted the four of us, and discussed adding some mileage to one of their local trail systems, a 5 mile network at Ryan Park just west of Kewaunee. Our flagging went smoothly and we were able to add some some mileage of sustainable trail to the network. We integrated in a nice climbing turn to allow the trail to drop some elevation while helping to add some fun flow to the new trail. Our evening presentation centered around how the local club can work with State officials to help gain land access to construct trails to connect the three trail systems in the community. The discussion was productive and NEWTs members were excited to learn about the potential of RTP and other grants they may be elgible for.

Friday brought our Land Manager Training where we were joined by local club members and an employee from the county parks on which the trail project was taking place. Our land manager was excited to see our sustainable trail presentation and was very receptive to the idea of developing more mountain bike access in the area. Club Members also gained alot from the presentation and discussed ways they could integrate new trails into their exsisting system.

Despite the clouds and fog, the weather held for trailbuilding school!  Our morning trail building school was well attended with volunteers and trail advocates coming from surrounding communties, some as far as two hours away. All attendees mentioned they were hoping for more singletrack accessibility in the area and were eager to learn how they could help as advocates. Our morning classroom session was great.  Once out in the field, all were excited to put their new knowledge to use on the project. Despite the slick conditions, the rain held off and we were able to construct a decent amount of new singletrack on the Ryan Park system. We integrated in a nice climbing turn with some fun insloped turns that will sure be a fun addition to the network. We also had some hardy souls excited to move some rocks for an armoring project, though it was small, it will really help to keep a potentially problematic area intact for years to come. Overall, we had a educational and productive day in Kewaunee and are excited to see NEWTs develop more great trails in the area.

Thanks for NEWTs, NEWKRANKS, Kewaunee County, and everyone who attended our weekend presentations.

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