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Access makes the Difference in Erie, CO

Hopping on your bike and riding to your local trail network is an obvious advantage in any hometown, in Erie, CO, the Erie Singletrack Advocates are continuing to make this a reality for the relatively young suburban area just outside of Boulder. As a step in this progression, ESA invited the IMBA Trail Care Crew to come out and help continue their momentum while helping to educate the local community on sustainable trails. With the recent development of the local trails on the Sunset property, singletrack trails have become a welcome asset to the local community which sits surrounded by housing developments and strip malls and plains. "We have been really excited with the continued development of our trails" explains Scott Cody from ESA "But some recent changes in the local government has us worried that our access may change if we don't show the value of the trails."

Afer a beneficial Better Living Through Trails presentation we sat at a local drinking establishment discussing how we could help ESA continue to show value through trails. Many ideas came about from creating signage, developing a trailhead, and getting more folks involved in their cause. But as we sat deep in discussion we were caught completely off guard by a local rider who noticed our IMBAru parked on the street. "You guys are the mountain bike guys, right?" he exclaimed as we nodded our heads to answer his excited question "Those are the best trails I have ridden, they are so fun, I have been riding laps out there until I can't see straight. I love that I can just ride easily from my house and be on trails in such a quick time." This was a boost for the morale at a moment of deep contemplation over the four mile network of trail, if access could improve the quality of life of this individual, there must be many more out there. Building accessibility in residential areas has the chance to open mountain biking and singletrack to so many new users and the trails in Erie, CO are doing just that.

Thanks to the Erie Singletrack Adovocates especially our hosts Scott and Rebecca, the Miners Tavern for an amazing lunch, Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance, and all the excited volunteers who made it out to our presentations. We hope to see the continued evolution of the Sunset trails in Erie!

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