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Survey Says!

Survey Says!

By: Kevin Adams
Posted: April 1, 2016

Let’s jump to the near future ...

It's May 18, 2016. One hundred passionate mountain bikers surveyed, top six answers are on the board. You have to find the most popular answer.

Here's the question: Why didn’t you participate in the IMBA member survey that was held May 3-17, 2016?

You decided to play when Steve Harvey asked this question and you beat the other family member at center stage. You got eight points and three strikes and your opponent now gets the chance to steal... And blows it!

Let’s run down the answers with Steve Harvey and the audience and see how many responded to each…

Number 6: I didn’t know about the survey – 8 responses

Number 5: I was never invited to participate in the survey – 12 responses

Number 4: I’m not an IMBA member - 14 responses

Number 3: IMBA’s going to manipulate the data to their advantage so why should I bother taking the survey? - 20 responses

Number 2: I’m passionate about mountain biking but don’t want to spend $35 to be an IMBA member to take a survey - 21 responses

Number 1: I’m passionate about mountain biking, but don’t have 20 minutes to take an IMBA member survey - 25 responses

Let’s take a more detail look at the bottom four answers—54% of the respondents—first. If you’re an IMBA member and didn’t know about this survey or weren’t invited to participate, please take the following actions:

  • Log into your IMBA account or contact IMBA at prior to May 1 and ensure IMBA has your current and correct email address on file; and/or
  • Check your spam filter on May 3 to see if your email program thought the survey invite was spam. 

If you’re not a member, you can fix that by joining IMBA between now and April 30. Only IMBA members with a current email address on file as of April 30 will be invited to participate in this member survey. If you join IMBA between now and then, and didn’t receive the invite, please refer to the above steps.

IMBA has hired an independent third party that is developing the questions, designing, conducting the survey on their servers, synthesizing the response data, and presenting the results to IMBA, who, in turn will be presenting them to members. IMBA won’t have access to the date to manipulate it. So, what’s stopping you from taking this survey between May 3-17, 2016? 

As for the Number 1 and 2 answers, I will paraphrase a 10-month old Bike magazine article comment that I think sums it up best:

“You didn't want to pay ($35, or take 20 minutes) to be involved with a group that had a seat at the table regarding something you are so passionate about? And I thought my husband was cheap! Sorry for your loss…” 

Don’t lose out, let your voice be heard by taking the IMBA member between May 3-17, 2016.

Here's what you will find in the survey ...

IMBA’s board of directors recently approved IMBA’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan that contains four high level strategies with 10 initiatives.  The purpose of the survey is for IMBA members to assist IMBA’s staff in developing of program, strategic, and operational goals in implementing the Strategic Plan’s enablement of IMBA’s mission accomplishment over the next five years. 

Strategy #1: Access—it’s all about the experience.

  • Promote bike friendly land-use policies.
  • Advance the popular and authentic image of mountain biking.
  • Advance mountain bike management best practices.
  • Participate in land-use planning.

Strategy #2: Trails—it’s all about the trail.

  • Promote elements of trail design for skill progression and sustainability.
  • Create more and better close-to-home riding.
  • Conservation and stewardship of backcountry adventures, exploration and wild experiences.
  • Grow the “mountain biking IQ” and empower advocates. 

Strategy # 3: Community—it’s all about community. 

  • Enhance and grow local capacity.
  • Align national and local programs within a federated structure.

Strategy # 4: Resources—it’s all about resource investment.

  • Strengthen fiscal health at all levels of the organization.
  • Make a renewed strategic investment in IMBA’s financial health. 

— Kevin P. Adams is a retired Marine Mustang and Fortune 500 Executive, as well as the former Trail Boss and Treasurer of IMBA's largest chapter, the Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts. He currently serves as IMBA's Vice President of Chapter and Member Services. The opinions expressed here are his and not necessarily those of IMBA.


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