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Summer 2017 Atlantic News

Summer 2017 Atlantic News

By: fattonymtb
Posted: August 11, 2017

Roanoke County Approves Budget for Explore Park Bike Facility

The Roanoke County Board of Supervisors has approved $4.4M in infrastructure upgrades for Explore Park. Nearly $450k has been allocated for a mountain bike park and trails projects at the park for 2017-18 that will feature kids’ skills areas, gravity-based trails and a host of trailhead amenities. The bike park is part of a 20-year master plan completed in 2016 that expects to make Explore Park an outdoor recreational hub for the region with a host of additional outdoor activities and a much-needed camping facility.

Bike Park Coming to Buffalo’s Erie Canal Harbor

The Western New York Mountain Bike Association (WNYMBA), an IMBA Chapter, has been working with  the Buffalo Outer Harbor Civic Improvements project for the NYS Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation on incorporating a bike park into a new project along the Erie Canal. IMBA Trail Solutions will be working with Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects, who are working on the overall park design, to plan the bike park.

The bike park will consist of nearly 10 acres of land and will include beginner trails and beginner skills areas for new riders and kids to hone their skills.

"Construction of this new bike park will add another option to Western New York's already great bicycling scene, and will become another building block in the incredible renaissance of downtown Buffalo,” says Jon Lundquist, president of WNYMBA. “Its location on Lake Erie will be spectacular and will complement the many other Outer Harbor and Canalside events and attractions."

ANF Releases Draft Decision Notice on Tracy Ridge Recreation Area

For several years, IMBA chapters Western New York Mountain Bike Association (WNYMBA) and the Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA) have been working on a proposal to gain access to 12.5 miles of trails in the Tracy Ridge Recreation Area in the Allegheny National Forest restoring access that was lost in 1994. After the initial proposal review and comment period and an environmental assessment (EA), the Allegheny National Forest has released a draft decision recommending to open 12.5 miles of trail to mountain bikes.

The Proposed Action satisfies the goals of the 2007 Forest Plan to “provide a diverse range of high quality, sustainable recreation opportunities consistent with public demand and resource capability emphasizing locally popular recreation sites and special features,” “respond to changing social needs,” and “support a wide variety of recreation opportunities” (Forest Plan, p.13).

While the decision is to allow mountain biking on these trails, there is a 45-day objection period in which opponents of the proposal and EA can submit their objections to the decision.


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