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Building Trails in America’s Wetland

Louisiana touts itself as America’s Wetland, at least that’s what it says on the state welcome sign. So, it was only fitting that our trail project with the Kisatchie Bicycle Club (KBC) and the Kisatchie National Forest near Alexandria, Louisiana involved water.

The Kisatchie National Forest is home to some surprisingly memorable and awe-inducing contour trails along the shore of Lake Kincaid. Forest Service staff, along with consistent help from KBC, regularly puts in maintenance time to keep the trails in great shape despite the fact that a lot of them find themselves in particularly boggy areas.

Our Trail Care Crew project dealt with one particularly wet section. The Forest Service brought in a 3,200 lb pallet of rocks and 25 motivated KBC volunteers to armor a stream crossing. Using a technique called stone pitching, we excavated the streambed and armored the crossing with almost the entire pallet of rock.

The armoring project created a sustainable tread that fords the stream, minimizing sedimentation and maintaining proper flow of water into the lake.

Thanks to the Kisatchie National Forest and the Kisatchie Bicycle Club for putting hard some hard labor for the trails!

Check out all photos from the weekend here.

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