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Usage peaks as another new trail opens at Sandy Ridge

The Sandy Ridge Trail System just keeps getting better and visitor use data supports this claim. The beautiful weather during the Independance Day weekend brought a record number of riders to the Bureau of Land Management's mountain bicycling flow factory outside of Portland, Oregon. Weekend usage draws a daily average of 200 rider passes but the holiday saw a peak of nearly 300, further reinforcing the theory that if you build it they will come.

With all of this use the demand for additional trails has prompted the BLM and IMBA's Trail Solutions program to continue planning, designing and constructing fresh new routes in the project area. The latest trail is phase one of Communication Breakdown Trail, a quarter-mile route that eases access to the popular Rock Drop Trail. By the end of 2011 Communication Breakdown will extend another two miles. Stay tuned as the team puts the finishing touches on the next new trail called Quid Pro Flow, opening in mid-August.

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