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Urban Nature Preserve Near Monterrey Mexico Enlists Trail Solutions

Chipinque Ecological Park is a well loved nature preserve on over 4000 acres of lush and scenic terrain right in the backyard of of the 3 million residents of Monterrey, Mexico. It possesses an incredible array of flora and fauna and has become a playground for trail users in the region. With rugged peaks and slopes covered in pine and oak forests it is a pleasant and convenient escape from the busy streets of the nearby city for the rapidly growing mountain bicycling community. Chipinque already boasts a number of routes that are open to bicycles but it's users and managers are ready to take the next step and develop purpose-built mountain bicycle trails. Trail Solutions' Shane Wilson visited the park in May and will assist the park management with the development of new trails. These new routes will provide challenging experiences to the current riders and a gateway for attracting new ones.

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