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A swarm of activity at Sandy Ridge

The 2011 build season is in full swing at the Sandy Ridge trail system near Brightwood, Oregon. With two youth crews digging by hand and a mechanized crew making big beautiful jumps and berms, Shane Wilson and Jason Wells of Trail Solutions have been busy. Jason even found time to work with two volunteer trailbuilders and helped them hone their mini excavator skills. Benjamin Beamer drove up from Oakridge, Oregon, and Bob Workman flew all the way from New Jersey for the opportunity to dig sweet trails at Sandy Ridge.

The site was also visited by Zach Jarrett and Adam Milnor of the Bureau of Land Management. They came to view the construction progress and to get a glimpse of what's coming next. After taking a tour they were hard pressed to scrape the smiles off of their faces, especially after admiring the vista from a trail that is slated to be open as early as the end of summer.

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