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Sandy Ridge Trails: Video Edition

This awesome new video was put together by Miles Sullivan, a film maker and trail builder from Hood River, Oregon. The footage was shot in between berm shaping and track packing jumps. Riders are Mr. Sullivan himself and IMBA's own Jason Wells. You'll also see crew members from the Northwest Youth Corps, Ant Farm, and IMBA Trail Solutions.

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Miss you guys - miss the NW

Miss you guys - miss the NW and building trail! - Amy schultz

And CRYC.....

And CRYC.....

Sandy QPF

Shane - Things are looking good!!! Have ot get back out to ride that stuff, maybe this fall. Fav quote"...boulder gnar."! Bob W.

Sure, that's all fun, but...

That looks great! But remember it's not for every location. I think most land managers - at least when you try to sell the idea - like the less-obtrusive 18" singletrack. This building of berms and sculpting of trail contours looks more specifically like a "bike park" than the usual mutli-use, speed-controlled trails that IMBA used to gain initial access way back when. There is certainly a place for this type of trail, and they're certainly fun, but they are not welcome everywhere. You are very fortunate. Nice work! -Brian

Nice to see they are building

Nice to see they are building more trails up there. My favorite sections are the more technical, natural sections of the downhill that dont have the' bike park' feel. Also, had they not made the trails so bike parky and left more natural roots and rocks, they wouldn't have had to add a layer of gravel to prevent the mud ruts. Not a fan of riding on gravel, and I've heard they've added even more since the spring. Are they ever going to build a technical, real dh track?