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Trail conflict? Do what Davos does: design a new trail.

The grassy meadows that line the Choerbschhorn Trail near Davos, Switzerland are important grazing areas for the cows that make wonderful cheeses for us all to enjoy. The current trail bisects this land and is causing considerable damage because it violates the fundamental rules of sustainable trail design. The current route follows the “fall line”, this allows water to accelerate and create significant erosion. This erosion creates conditions that prevent trail users from enjoying the trail. This has lead to conflict among trail users and farmers.

These chronic problems lead the Davos Trail Crew to look for a solution. The Crew’s leader, Clemens Bolli enlisted Shane Wilson from IMBA’s Trail Solutions program to design a new route that will be more fun, sustainable and reduces conflict.  Shane spent three days with Clemens, assessing and designing a new route. Shane was also able to provide instruction on the trail design process. This new knowledge will allow the Davos Trail Crew to execute design projects with minimal assistance in the future. This kind of investment in the local trail community is vital to the future of trail development in Switzerland.

This project was conducted in partnership with Allegra Tourismus, Switzerland's foremost leader in Mountain Bike Tourism Development.

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