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Flying High at the Engadin Valley Trail Building School in Switzerland

As part of IMBA Europe's drive to create more and better mountain biking opportunities, Trail Solution's Shane Wilson conducted a Trail Building School for trail crews in Switzerland's Engadin Valley. The class attendees are responsible for the maintenance of trails near their respective communities of Celerina, Samedan, Pontresina, and Silvaplana. The course focused on constructing and maintaining sustainable multi-user trails. Hands-on maintenance training took place at the famous Bernina Trail where grade reversals were installed to improve drainage. The construction segment was conducted high above the village of Samedan at an elevation 2500 meters. At this elevation the most efficient way to commute is by helicopter, so each morning the crew was picked up by the local air service and shuttled to the worksite near Trais Fluors. Despite icy winds and an unexpected snow storm, almost 200 meters of shiny new trail were built!

Allegra Tourismus, Trail Solutions' partner in Switzerland, was instrumental in organizing the Trail Building School through their relationships with local communities and tourism organizations. Allegra continues to promote the development of superior mountain bike facilities in the Swiss Alps as a mechanism for enhancing summertime visitation and allowing mountain communities to provide year-round offerings.

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