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Building Bridges In St. Moritz

The Corviglia Flow Trail being constructed near St. Moritz, Switzerland posed a number of design challenges for Shane Wilson from IMBA's Trail Solutions and the local construction crew. The project is being built in partnership with the forestry department of the Gemeinde St. Moritz and Allegra Tourismus. Being located on a steep ski slope that can often be as narrow as 20 meters forced some creative thinking to maintain a flowy and fun trail experience. In one location builders were faced with a large seasonally wet zone that also needed to have minimal disturbance. The solution was to construct a 10 meter long bridge using locally harvested lumber and crafted primarily by staff members from the local forestry office of Gemeinde St. Moritz. Step one of the operation involved airlifting in three loads of material with a helicopter. The skill and cooperation between the pilot and ground crew were truly impressive and resulted in an efficient, safe and low effort delivery. The construction phase created an excellent opportunity for forest workers to use the biggest hammer in Switzerland! The old world techniques and and rustic rough cut timbers resulted in a fun, fast bridge that keeps riders out of the muck.

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