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November Southwest Region News

Idyllwild, CA – Some May Valley trails reopened

After a devastating wildfire in summer 2013, some of the May Valley trails in Idyllwild have been reopened, and we will work with the USFS up there in 2014, as they work through the NEPA process to review the entire May Valley trail system and come up with a plan for the future. For more information on the current trail openings, please contact Idyllwild Cycling, our local chapter there, and stay tuned for public meetings and a comment period in 2014, when you can voice your opinion about that trail network.

Flagstaff, AZ – Comment on trail plan with potential for DH trails

Please take some time to review the details of the Mount Elden Dry Lake Hills proposed actions, and write your comment letters by November 30. The recent public meeting was attended by over 120 people, including lots of mountain bikers, who were pleased to see that downhill specific mountain bike trails are up for discussion. IMBA will certainly be submitting our letter in support of these new trails.

Southwest Bike Park Conference

It was great to have 30 advocates from around the southwest come to Tucson, AZ, recently for a mini bike park summit. We discussed all manner of topics around bike parks and hopefully provided lots of valuable information for folks to bring back to their communities.

+  Read a blog post about that event.

On the subject of bike parks, there are quite a few throughout the southwest that we are currently involved in. Most of these are currently as a stage where the various land mangers are reviewing documents and plans that we have submitted, and we will keep you in the loop as information on the status of these projects becomes available. Hopefully we’ll have updates in early 2014.

National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference

We also recently attended this event in Tucson, where we were able to present a workshop on sharing trails with hikers and equestrians. The event was also a great opportunity to network with federal land managers, along with staffers from some of the long distance trail associations around the country who may not understand or appreciate mountain biking as we all do.

+  Read a blog post about that event.

Caliente, NV – Trail planning underway

We are up and running with our planning work in Caliente, NV, as we will have IMBA Trail Specialist Joey Klein there in early December, spending a week meeting with representatives from the BLM, Nevada State Parks Department, Lincoln County Commission, and Caliente City Council. Along with meeting with these local officials, Joey will spend the majority of his time there in the field, reviewing the landscape around town and developing a conceptual plan showing the various trail options.

This phase will be funded through the IMBA Trail Building Fund (a big thanks to all who contribute to that) and through a grant from Lincoln County Commission, a big thanks to those partners too.  Stay tuned for a full blog post on this project over the next few weeks, once we have spent some time in the field and have more information to report.

Trail Care crew applications

We received a dozen or so applications for Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew visits from throughout the region and will review them over the coming months and contact the selected groups to scheduled their visits in 2014.

More Plans for 2014!

We are currently planning some presentations and meetings with new groups around the region, including Sierra Vista, AZ where we will present the ‘Better Living Through Trails’ workshop on January 30th, 2014 in partnership with the Cochise County Cycling Community and Dawn to Dust Mountain Bike Club and Race Team. We will also meet with advocates in Kanab, UT to discuss their plans to develop more trails, with our southwestern Utah chapter, Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association joining in that meeting.

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