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Moving Mountain Biking Forward in Caliente

Moving Mountain Biking Forward in Caliente

By: Patrick Kell
Posted: November 20, 2017
Moving Mountain Biking Forward in Caliente

After five years of planning, partnerships, and many, many meetings to build the next big mountain bike destination; trail building around Caliente in Lincoln County, Nevada began this summer and several projects are well under way. With 43 miles of singletrack and park riding designed by IMBA Trail Solutions so far, dozens more miles in the works, and a community of land agencies and locals behind the effort, Caliente will be on your bucket list in no time.

There is significant progress to report in 2017, and many plans in the works for 2018.

  • Just under two miles of flow trail has been built on city land at Super Park, a couple of blocks of Main Street. These trails were designed by IMBA Trail Solutions and are being built by FlowRide and Pathfinder Trail Building.

  • The bike park is currently under construction at Super Park, and is scheduled to be finished by mid-December 2017.

  • Around five miles of singletrack is complete in Barnes Canyon on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, with a total of seven miles scheduled be completed there by mid-December 2017. Designs for a trailhead parking area are currently being finalized.

  • Trail work will continue in Barnes Canyon next year, and there should be 14 miles of singletrack completed in Barnes Canyon by late 2018.

  • Plans are in the works for another 20 to 25 miles of trails at Ella Mountain, a backcountry area south of Caliente at around 7,000’ of elevation. The BLM will finalize this trail corridor during Winter/Spring of 2018.

  • Kershaw Ryan State Park has secured funding for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the trails there, and plan to break ground in 2018. This park is located in a side-canyon within pedaling distance of Main Street and will undoubtedly be a popular camping spot and trailhead for riders coming to the area.

  • The USDA has provided funding to the City of Caliente for an in-town planning and research project to assist local businesses as they plan for increased visitation.

  • Lincoln County Authority of Tourism is also working on other marketing plans, including a trail opening event in spring 2019.

  • A photography initiative covering the entire project has been funded by Nevada Commission on Tourism through a grant to Lincoln County Authority of Tourism. Photographers and writers have visited the area to tour recently built trails and future locations. Expect to see more in the media about Caliente in the coming months.

We couldn’t be more excited that this project is now off the drawing board and on the ground. A big thanks to all the agencies, local and state officials, trail builders, and photographers who are bringing this project to life!  Check out the photographs from Wide Eyed World, Progressive Bike Ramps, and Pathfinder Trail Building; and expect to see more pictures and stories about this project in 2018.


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