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Welcome to Grand Rapids

From our new Trail Care Crew, Lori Reed and Jesse Livingston...

Grand Rapids, Minnesota was the perfect location to dive head first into life on the road as a Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew. We're working with TCC veterans, Steve and Morgan Lommele, and trying to absorb as much information from them as possible before they return to Colorado.

Our hosts for the weekend were both welcoming and excited to have us in their neck of the woods, “dontcha know”. If there is such a thing as dedication, we saw it blossom in Grand Rapids. The volunteers and crew leaders were 100% on board with any suggestions we made and they were more than willing to get in the dirt and put their tools to use. We added an amazing section of new trail to the system the club has built at Legion Park.

There was a great turn out for all three classes and just as many volunteers on trail day! We were impressed with their drive and goals that they have laid out for the near future.

Their trails were a little bit of everything, from tight turns and log overs to an open flowing section that wound around itself in a fun sweeping pattern. We look forward to seeing more great things come from the folks in Grand Rapids!

A special thanks to Marlo, Griffin, and Wally for a great weekend. Also, thanks to the many sponsors who helped accommodate us during our stay, including Jeff, Dave at Itasca Trail Sports, Wendigo Lodge and Grand Rapids Eye Care. We appreciate all your efforts!

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