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Virginia Variety

Judging by our record turnout last weekend, trail work is a way of life in Roanoke and Salem, Virginia. Close to 60 people attended our IMBA Trailbuilding School and helped Roanoke’s Pathfinders for Greenways start work on a new singletrack connector trail at the City of Roanoke’s Carvens Cove Natural Reserve, the second largest municipal park in the country. We had support from hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. The ages of our trailbuilders ranged from the teens to the mid-eighties, representing everyone from beginner trailbuilders to seasoned Appalachian Trail veterans.

We planned a variety of projects to complement the diversity of this hardworking group, including rock armoring a stream crossing, cutting deep bench on a very steep sideslope, building a flowy insloped turn and carving out some sweet singletrack on a mellow grade.

Even with our impressive group of dedicated volunteers, we had our hands full. But, everyone finished the day with a big smile and we celebrated our success at the Carvens Cove trailhead with a BBQ hosted by East Coasters Cycles.

A huge thank you goes out to Liz Belcher and Brian Batteiger with Pathfinders for Greenways, along with all of these steadfast volunteers and partners who made our visit a success. Without these dedicated and passionate folks, there would be far fewer awesome trail and greenway opportunities in Roanoke.

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