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Trail Care Crew Goes to DC

In almost 80 Trail Care Crew visits of our own, we have worked directly with the National Park Service twice. There are currently limited mountain biking opportunities in National Park Service lands, and with your help, that can change.

We were lucky enough to make a bit of progress toward gaining bicycle access in National Parks this weekend at Fort Dupont (part of the Civil War Defenses of Washington). We drove away from the park leaving a bit more trail on the ground, but progress is slow.

IMBA is currently engaged in various National Parks - if you want access in these areas, help us speak with a common voice. When Action Alerts are posted on IMBA's website, please provide comments and support when needed. Right now, IMBA is fighting access battles in many places across the county - be involved.

It goes without saying that we are ever so grateful to our hosts at Fort Dupont Park in Washington DC. It takes support from our members, but what's most important is support from National Park Service staff, and Fort Dupont has some of the best staff in the country. Thanks!

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