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Attend A Regional Summit - You Won't Regret It

Not having enough fun in your life these days? Don't fret, winter's almost over. We've got another idea for you, too: attend one of IMBA's Regional Summits.

IMBA holds World Summits every two years, and in between, we have a new model: the Regional Summit. IMBA's success comes from a one-two advocacy punch: pairing state- and federal-based advocacy that ensures that mountain biking is considered as a studied and included use in management plans and rulemaking processes; and building knowledge and capacity on the local town, county and/or state level. This together creates a consituency of mountain bikers who represent a common goal, and who's collective force can be cited as the driving force behind our movement. The more people we have on the ground, the stronger our movement is.

So, please consider attending one of IMBA's upcoming Regional Summits this year:

  • June 24-26 Midwest Region/Davenport, IA
  • July 22-24 Mid-Atlantic Region/Harrisonburg, VA
  • Sept. 15-18 Rockies North Region North/Cheyenne, WY
  • Oct. 7-9 Rockies South Region/Grand Junction, CO
  • Oct. 21-22 Pacific Region/Bend, OR

It's not another boring event with boring speakers. It's an event planned for you, our treasured advocate, with an eye on fun. It's a low-cost event to make sure that you have the capacity to be real smart on all things mountain bike and most importantly, for you to learn from your peers around your favorite fizzy beverage.

We attended last weekend's SORBA Summit, the first of the series. There's no better feeling that being surrounded by like-minded people, learning something new, and riding your bike in new places.

Together, we'll get more singletrack on the ground, all it takes is a little bit of everyone's time. We'll make it fun, promise.

For more deets on the IMBA Regional Summits, check out our recent news release, and stay tuned on for registration details as the events approach.

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