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During our Trail Care Crew visit to Sun Valley, someone asked us if Sun Valley was on the radar, meaning, when people you meet from the around the U.S. think about a mountain bike destination, does Sun Valley come to mind? After hesitating, we sheepishly answered not really.

Seriously, put Sun Valley on your map. There’s enough cross-country riding to make you dizzy and overwhelmed, but when you find yourself on the top of the twelve-inch Imperial Gulch trail, with 360° views of sun-kissed Idaho peaks and deeply lush valleys, it’s a two-wheeled fanatic’s dream come true.

We worked with local economic development professionals, land management agencies, the Wood River Bike Coalition, and the local ski company to make the trail systems around here even better in order to boost tourism and economic development in the area. Ways to accomplish this include increasing trail variety for both beginners and expert riders, marketing campaigns tailored to mountain bikers, better connectivity from town to trails, and advertising other area amenities to create fun-for-the-whole-family opportunities. Our trail project was at the Galena Lodge, a wonderful historic lodge with singletrack out the backdoor.

This is one of IMBA’s specialties – turning good into great, or in this case, great into even greater with trails that benefit the entire community and attract riders from around the world. It’s no secret to the locals that Sun Valley is a dream – maybe even a secret they’d like to keep!

Thanks to the Wood River Bike Coalition, the Blaine County Recreation District and the Galena Lodge for hosting us this weekend!

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McCall visit

Hi Steve and Morgan. I am in town to participate in the trail care deal. I am riding w/ a local tomorrow Thurs @ 10:00 out from Bear Meadow to climb aways up back side of Brundage mtn. Call me if you are in @ 509 680-3724.
Craig Mountain Biking the states