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Rocky may have been from Philly, but if you want rocky trails; look no further than State College, Pennsylvania. State College is home to the Nittany Mountain Biking Association and they have some of the more technically challenging and sustainable trails we’ve ridden.

There are miles of great riding not far from town and NMBA is working with IMBA’s Trail Solutions on a new link trail that will connect the popular Tussey Mountain trailhead at Rothrock State Forest to an impressive trail system higher on the mountain. The link trail will allow riders access to trails without having to first do a road climb.

NMBA’s effort on the new link trail offers a great model for other mountain bike advocacy organizations. While building trail is rewarding and fun, sometimes you get a bigger return by spending your time and energy to secure funds and bring in professional trail builders.

In honor of the Keystone State and all of its rocks, NMBA helped us leave behind a big, rocky berm in Rothrock State Forest. And, soon enough, that berm will be accessible via a direct connection on the new link trail.

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