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The Renegade Way

We always say, “don’t let ease of trail construction dictate trail design.” Often, that’s a lot easier said than done. For the Renegades Mountain Bike Club in Wawarsing, NY they’re all about building the trails they want, regardless of how hard it is. Maybe that’s why they call themselves the Renegades.

In keeping with their character, they picked a spot in Lippman Park for a new trail project that they’d had their eyes set on for a while. It was a gradual sideslope covered in pick up stick-like blowdown. The terrain was perfect for applying lessons from the Trail Building School, but not before some grueling work. We did our best to flag a rough corridor through the apocalyptic scene of mayhem and destruction, climbing over slick logs, ducking under tree trunks peppered with poison ivy, and squeezing past the towering walls of upturned root balls. When done, we had our doubts, but the Renegades assured us we’d have a clear corridor in the morning.

Sure enough, by 9 a.m. Friday, after three hours of swift chainsaw work, the corridor was clear and the pin flags went in without a hitch.

Because of their hard work and commitment to getting through a tough section of trail in a hurry, we were able to go out and ride the racecourse for the Williams Lake Classic on Friday afternoon. As expected, it wasn’t easy, but we did get to ride through a cave and finish with a nice swim in the clear, refreshing waters of Williams Lake. Not a bad way to spend a day in the woods!

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