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The Power of a Trail Care Crew Visit

The purpose of a Trail Care Crew visit isn’t just to teach trail users how to design, build and maintain sustainable singletrack. It can be the catalyst for a community to organize and become successful advocates for mountain biking.

Our latest visit was to Lander, Wyo., home of experienced trail builders, the best coffee and food, an established cycling club, and a half-dozen small trail systems.

A Trail Care Crew visit can help leverage this patchwork of expertise, riding, and amenities.

In Lander, we presented ‘Better Living Through Trails,' to a WY State Senator, BLM and FS staff, local business owners and club members. We shared tips on how to make the argument that cycling is a $4.1 billion industry in the mountain states region and a way to increase the health and wellness of a community. Not to mention that by creating cost-effective, user-friendly and valued singletrack, your town can get a large piece of this economic pie. This results in stronger retailers, better infrastructure and other community amenities.

Then we worked with the BLM and club members to figure out ways to turn their existing singletrack into world-class destinations through goal setting, sustainable trail building techniques and community organizing with our ‘Club Care’ and ‘Trail building School’ presentations.

Good things are happening in Lander: they have 4-5 main riding areas, few with more than ten miles each, but all on the radar for improvement; the bike shop is selling more mountain bikes every year; they have an MOU with the BLM and hope to soon have one with the FS; staff from both support more and better mountain biking; and the town is plain fun. Lander really feels like a town on the cusp of mountain biking greatness. These guys want the best for their riding community, but they just needed a little TCC love and best practices to get moving.

With a TCC visit, a club cab tap into 15 years of knowledge around trail building and community organizing, and put on a weekend’s worth of events that catalyzes bigger and better trails.

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TCC catalyst

Can't wait for this energy in Salem! See you soon!!

Thank you!

Folks, hats off to you! Come back soon to see our progress and drink a cup!
Jess n Nikki @ old town coffee

Thank You IMBA, and Steve and

Thank You IMBA, and Steve and Morgan, and Katherine!! The expertise that you shared with us is priceless.
Stop back into Lander soon and visit me at Gannett Peak Sports, and we can go ride!!