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Making the Most of McCall

Fifteen years ago, many mountain bikers probably would have breezed through McCall, Idaho on their way to Boise or Sun Valley, but thanks to the hard work of the Central Idaho Mountain Bicycling Association (CIMBA) McCall is on its way to becoming a hot destination for riders seeking solitary singletrack.

Our Trail Care Crew visit focused on equipping CIMBA members and local business leaders with some new tools to help them build additional support for new trails from the local community.

On Thursday evening, we held a Club Care presentation where we helped CIMBA identify some of their major goals for the coming year. CIMBA would like to improve their internal communication and organization, develop more community involvement, get McCall and its riding opportunities “on the map” for mountain bikers, promote sustainable/ethical tourism and economic development, and ensure continued trail access.

On Friday, we presented our Better Living Through Trails to CIMBA members; Gravity Sports, the local bike shop; Valley County Pathways; and other business owners and community members. Our discussion focused on the power that trails have to build a healthy community. With its local brewery, good restaurants, beautiful scenery, and lakeside setting, McCall has a lot of potential for an amazing mountain bike getaway. It was great to see so many people psyched to improve McCall’s existing singletrack options and promote new opportunities for mountain bikers.

Our Trailbuilding School and trail work project had us all out at Jug Mountain Ranch for the weekend. Jug Mountain has a few nice trails, some great scenery, and a lot of opportunity for fun, mountain bike specific trails. With the newly educated army of committed volunteers and staff, there are sure to be some great things happening here in the coming year.

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