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It’s Important To Be Involved

We spent some time with Bowling Green KyMBA this past weekend and on August 31, 2011, their favorite local trail will be closed: the Sal Hollow Trail in Mammoth Cave National Park. It’s a beautiful trail, and one of the only singletrack trails in the national park system open to mountain bikes.

Are the riders in Bowling Green going to quit riding? No.

Are they going to dwell on the Sal Hollow loss? No.

Are they going to turn this challenge into an opportunity? Heck yes!

Which is why they’re currently working with the Park Service to plan and build a new, mountain bike-specific trail system in Mammoth Cave National Park. Hopefully you made time to register your support regarding the special designation for four bike routes with the park. If not, redeem yourself by taking action in the future to support mountain bike-friendly designations. Your involvement, even if you don’t live or play in Kentucky, is critical because it signals that mountain bikers have a voice, that we value trails and that together we form a movement that needs to be heard.

Successful clubs can move past trail closures and other dirt-related challenges to work on building bigger and better trail systems by being organized, proactive and professional. Bowling Green KyMBA has at least FOUR new trail projects in the works, with local mucipalities and federal agencies alike. They take care to be respectfully involved on all levels of land management in their community to advocate for bikes parks and trail systems. John Burke, Trek Bicycle Corporation’s President says “The world is run by those who show up.” So speak up and show up if you want something.

We were lucky enough to help Bowling Green KyMBA break ground on their newest seven mile trail system, the Brier Creek trail in Nolin Lake State Park (check out that sweet bench cut trail in the pic!). It’s an exciting trail with great climbs and views of Nolin Lake, and the result of a partnership between KyMBA, KY State Parks and the US Army Corps of Engineers. If you’re in that neck of the woods, attend a trail building day. In related news, people always ask us where we encounter the nicest folks through our travels, and although we hate to play favorites, Kentucky is up there on the list. Thank you to Bowling Green KyMBA for welcoming us and for their help in hosting a successful Trail Care Crew weekend.


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Good Stuff

Good Stuff, Thanks Morgan & Steve! ~Chip

Thanks to both of you. I was

Thanks to both of you. I was impressed by the quality and professionalism while also enjoying a leihe- (sp?) burger and beverage. And, Morgan outworked us all!


Laha burger! :)