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The foundation of a strong mountain bike organization is:

  • A vision of what could be
  • An eagerness to learn and apply best practices
  • A community of friends and a genuine appreciation for newcomers
  • A desire to do what’s right
  • A positive attitude
  • Positive two-way relationships with their land managers
  • A network of people with diverse backgrounds, who each bring unique expertise
  • Patience
  • Fun!

We found this in Auburn, a place where there is not even yet an IMBA Chapter. But we’ve never met a mountain biking community, IMBA Chapter or not, that has such a strong foundation for a rock-solid organization.

Our Trail Care Crew visit took place at Chewacla State Park, in Auburn, Alabama, where worked with future leaders of Auburn’s yet-to-be-named IMBA SORBA Chapter. The park has 14 miles of trail, with the potential to build a lot more. We focused our trail project on improving an existing trail close the trailhead, to make it beginner-friendly (after all, beginners are the future of any mountain bike community). We left them with an understanding of critical trailbuilding techniques like constructing bench-cut trail and building bermed turns, the nitty-gritty of trails that every good organization needs to know down pat.

We’re excited to see what’s to come in Auburn and grateful for the opportunity to train such a welcoming, eager and kind community. Thanks to James Bros Bikes, Chewacla State Park, Niffer’s Restaurant, the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and to everyone who attended our Trailbuilding School. Y’all are the foundation for great things!

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