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Faces of Advocacy: Roxy Feagan

We're profiling awesome advocates from around the country in our "Faces of Advocacy" series... Check out Chris and Leslie's first profile, and here is our second of the series. Roxy Feagan is the President of Trails Have Our Respect (THOR), a successful mountain bike organization in Omaha, NE. She made sure to specify that THOR is a community success, so we featured a picture of a THOR Trail Care Crew visit from the Spring of 2010.

I love trails because...

They take people away. Be it on a bike or on foot, a person stands at a trail head and looks at a trail that disappears around the bend and our curious minds can't not go see where it goes, even if it's the local trail we've used a thousand times. That curiosity was embedded during childhood so one can argue that trails not only take us away physically from civilization but also mentally, back to our youth, where exploring and having fun was the only agenda. I call it channeling our inner Calvin (as in Calvin & Hobbes).

Before I became an advocate, I wish I had known that...

The mental anxiety can be heavy. In that I mean, I see the same people doing the bulk of the work on the trails and it just doesn't sit well with me. There are so many users and getting them to commit to some hours of labor is way more difficult than I thought. Users are so impassioned and happy about their hobby but not so much about maintaining the area where they play. I'm determined to figure this out.

My #1 advocacy tip is...

Bite off only what you can chew. I've been on the board of THOR for many years and now as President. I want to do so much and can see the potential but we must be wise about our goals and choose ones we can achieve so that we can keep up moral and build momentum and celebrate.


Are magic carpets. They have the ability to take us to the store and to a remote spot off the grid. They are a uniting element, bringing people, organizations and even cities together. They are mirrors, showing us our fears and our potential. They are like our pets; we fall in love with them and can't imagine life without them.

Thanks Roxy!

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