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Ellicottville, NY with WNYMBA

We roll into town on a Thursday at noon

Expecting a rowdy group of true loons

On all their trails and travails they were grilled

Their humor not disjointed

We were not disappointed

With the weekend’s opportunities we were thrilled


As we looked up the ski hill

In alpine Ellicottville

Our duties were unveiled to us promptly

Flag some sweet bench-cut trail

Pray for no rain or hail

In our mind a fait accompli


On Friday we hiked the State Forest

Quite a project on the Mesa Trail before us

The alpine retreat offered quite the backdrop

To impart expertise on making their singletrack

Home to an IMBA Epic and famous switchback

Jump on everyone’s list straight to the top


As luck would have it, Saturday was sunny

And our predictions were right on the money

We trusted our team of trailbuilding troops

To bump through dirt, rocks and roots

And as they unveiled six hundred feet

We grinned at our trail that was as ordered, very sweet


Within a few hours we were gently aseat

In the Ellicottville Brewing Co., their local treat

It’s tough to portray the kindness of folks

Who pampered us daily with brews, dirt and spokes

But believe us when we say, we are spoiled rotten

The kind hearts of Western New Yorkers will never be forgotten


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