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IMBA Board Meets in Sun Valley

IMBA's board of directors concluded its second of three annual business meetings two weeks ago, June 24th, in Sun Valley, Idaho. It was a very productive meeting with a meaty agenda that focused on the introduction of some particular strategic issues. And those issues were on the agenda as part of the board's review of IMBA's current strategic plan as it heads into a day and a half planning retreat this fall where it will renew and refresh its vision and goals for the organization.

The meeting was made special by support from IMBA sponsors Smith Optics, who hosted the board's business meeting and Scott Bicycles who supported the board's ride on Saturday. In addition, IMBA's D.C. representative, McBee Strategic, Steve McBee, Principal and his wife Jennifer Noland hosted the board for a wonderful dinner at their Sun Valley home.

IMBA members can be assured that the organization is in good hands, considering the high level of leadership and stewardship given the organization by its most vested trustees, the nine-member board of directors. There are a few things I would like you to know about IMBA's board.

  1. Like many of you, they are volunteers. They travel and attend meetings on their own time and their own dime. And they devote many additional hours of volunteer time, in addition to IMBA business meetings, e.g., attending the National Bike Summit and other meetings in D.C.
  2. The IMBA board is made up of a healthy mix of bike industry executives and enthusiasts/advocates (those whose vocation is not in the bike industry).
  3. They are mountain bikers.
  4. They have a clear vision for growing and sustaining mountain biking. They think hard and deliberate with diligence to be certain IMBA fulfills its mission. And their deliberations are done with IMBA members and supporters paramount in their mind.
  5. Their optimism for the future is high and highly motivating to me and IMBA staff.
  6. IMBA board members are credible and trustworthy. That makes them great leaders.
  7. They are committed to leadership succession and being certain that as some directors complete their term(s) of service that there are new board members recruited and added to the board.
I am grateful to each of IMBA's board members and have rarely, in my over 30 year career of working with non-profit boards, been associated with such a committed, intelligent and strategically thoughtful group. I am looking forward to our fall planning retreat when I will report back to you with the board's renewed vision and goals for the future.


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