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Sedona Patrollers Get a Few Minutes of Fame

Martin Glinsky, patrol director at the Red Rock Mountain Bike Patrol in Sedona, recently got his group some notoriety through a couple of local publications: Sedona Monthly and the Sedona Red Rock News.

It never hurts to reach out to your local magazines and newspapers, especially this time of year, to persuade them to write about your patrol. New patrols should most definitely do this, since those communities have probably never heard of the NMBP. If you're in a smaller market, or your trail systems are frequently in the news, you should try this with your local television station, too. Be sure to invite them to something visually interesting, such as patrolling in action or a group training session.

If you get some coverage, be sure to share it -- with your land manager, your local club, and us here at IMBA. It never hurts to remind people of your good work on the trails.

Has anyone made a video about your patrol group? If so, please send it along. If not, this spring could be a great time to make one!


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