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Patrol Partners With Equestrians

Earlier this summer, IMBA Chapter Pisgah Area SORBA and the PAS unit of the NMBP partnered with their local equestrians for a series of clinics called "Staying Safe on Multi-Use Trails."

The group reports:

"As part of the clinics, mountain bikers rode around, near and toward equestrians in a paddock area, then in typical trail situations such as meeting and overtaking other users on wide and narrow trails. While the clinics were intended to help equestrians and their mounts become more confortable with the sights and sounds of mountain bikers on shared trails, many cyclists came away saying they had learned more about equestrians by participating in the events."

Patrols and clubs everywhere could consider holding a similar event, especially if there are trails where conflict occurs between these groups. It's a great chance to build relationships and foster goodwill between user groups.



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