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Patrollers Save a Life, Take Kids Riding on TKMBD

NMBP members continue a great year of successes with two recent events:

Two longtime members of the Backcountry Trail Patrol in Minnesota used their skills to save a life while patrolling the Twin Cities Marathon.

From the patrol:

We have been saying for some time now that, with the number of events that the Backcountry Trail Patrol assists with, the time was coming when patrol members would be part of an effort to save a life. That happened at the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday, October 7th. Backcountry Patrol members Michael and Deb Randall were patrolling the TCM 10 Mile course and came upon bystanders performing CPR on a downed runner. They applied the patrol's AED and successfully revived the man, who was turned over to paramedics, transported to the hospital and is reported to be doing well.

Patrol Director Hans Erdman made the following statement on the patrol Facebook page: "Michael Randall is our Assistant Patrol Director and has been with Backcountry (and before that, NCMBP) longer than anybody but myself. Deborah Randall (Deb) joined our team about 10 years ago. She downplays her role in this, but both Mike and Deb did an excellent job and I am very proud of them and what they did yesterday. I commend them and all of our volunteer patrollers for their dedication and contribution to making "silent sports" and mountain biking in MN and NW WI safer and more enjoyable for everyone."

Read more from the local paper here.

Meanwhile, members of the Ocala Mountain Bike Association Patrol in Florida held a great event for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.

From the patrol:

OMBA and the OMBA Mountain Bike Patrol team hosted the TKMBD on Saturday Oct 6th and had around 40 kids from all ages participate in the event and close to 100 persons total attending the event.  In addition to the kids enjoying the rides of the day, Marion county Fire and Rescue team displayed their new off-road rescue units that OMBA helped to purchase with our $4,200 donation.

The event started with review of safety items, helmet inspections, bike inspections and review of the IMBA trail rules. Then the group of kids went over to the practice area so the patrollers could determine the amount of experience the riders had. Based on that and what the kids felt comfortable with, they were grouped together and went out for rides on the trails.  

After the rides (we had three groups going out; 1) beginners, 2) intermediates and 3) those with trail experience), raffle / drawing was held where every child got some type of prize/gift provided from the bike sponsors (Orange Cycles of Orlando, Village Cycles, Brick City Bicycles, Greenway Bike Shop and Santos Trailhead Bicycle Shop) who help support the event.

Once the prizes were handed out, OMBA and Bike Patrol recognized Patroller Paul Guertin as patroller of the year. Rob Ern (VP of OMBA) presented a new Bike Patroller backpack to Paul as thanks for all the hours and support Paul provided over the year.

Thanks again to all the OMBA bike Patrollers that came out: Rob Ern, Paul Guetin, Jay Judy, Larry Kiem, Sterling Hall, Jeremy Keeler, Shery Bower, Michael Harris, Sharon Belaska, Bill Brooks, Mike Stephens, Mike Simmons, Terri Young, Glenn Hawks, Ty Weiss, and patrol director Frank Belaska.

See more photos of the event, including the off-road rescue unit, here.

Thanks to everyone in the NMBP for all their hard work on the trails!

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