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OMBA Patrol Partners With Fire and Rescue

The Ocala Mountain Bike Association's patrol recently had great success working with their fire and rescue teams to evacuate a seizure victim on their trails.

From patroller Paul Guertin:

While out patrolling today [victim name removed], a 50 yr. old experienced mtn biker & R.N. who was riding with our group today pulled off the trail (Twister - approaching Back Door) at about 11:00 a.m. and said she wasn't feeling well.  She has a history of hypoglycemia and is also subject to an occasional seizure. She had glucose tabs, glucose gel, & cold packs as well as a hydration pack with her.  She thought she just needed glucose, water, and a rest. I also provided  an additional diabetic glucose gel pack and water.

When it became apparent through repeated seizures that she wouldn't be able to get to the Vortex Pit area, even with our help, she agreed to my calling 911.  At this time Bill Brooks (bike patroller and OMBA President) and Steve Harring of Ocala Fire & Rescue happened to come upon us.  Steve was a great help in getting the victim through what were becoming increasingly worse seizures, and Bill rode to the vortex pit area to guide the Ocala Fire & Rescue team back to us while I stayed on my cell phone with the 911 dispatcher.  Larry Gibbins (who also had been riding with us) had already gone back to drive his truck to the Votex Pit when we thought we could assist the victim in getting that far.

Ocala Fire & Rescue, guided by Bill, soon arrived with their ATV & trailer and safely transported the victim to the Vortex Pit where she was then transported by ambulance to Munroe Hospital E.R.  A friend of the victim who also had been on the ride drove to the hospital and stayed with her until she was discharged and then drove the victim home.  I talked to the victim tonight and she asked me to thank all the people who helped her.  She is hoping to be able to see her neurologist tomorrow.

Great job by Ocala Fire & Recue.  The work with them certainly paid off today.

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