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OMBA Bike Patrol Rocks Their Fat Tire Festival

The Ocala Mountatin Bike Association (OMBA) had its 2013 Santos Fat Tire Festival in early March, with over 450 mountain bikers showing up to enjoy the IMBA Epic Bronze rated trails! For the fourth year, the OMBA Bike Patrol team was out in full force covering all areas of the trails. This was a full weekend event, with patrollers assisting the night rides as ride guides and sweeps.
Fifteen members of the patrol team were assigned different zones based on thier preferences and riding abilities. Each zone also included attended sag stops with the sag point of contact having a call tree of all patrollers in case an issue occured in thier area.  At the main trailhead, a patroller was stationed as the main call center and could contact any patroller as needed.  The patrol lead was the extraction point of contact and brought riders back to the main trailhead who could not make it on thier own.
The patrol team also coordinated with the local county Fire and Rescue to ensure that if a major issue occurred, the patrol could handle it.  OMBA also recently had a one of the fire and rescue team join the patrol.
This year only had minor cuts/scrapes with two extractions occuring.  All in all everyone had a great safe weekend enjoying the festival.
And finally, the event serves as a fundraiser for OMBA, which in turn financially supports its Bike Patrol.
For more info about the OMBA Bike Patrol, please contact:

Frank Belaska
OMBA NMBP Bike Patrol Lead
bikepatrol [at] omba [dot] org


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