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New NMBP Jerseys Available

Just in time for summer, we got in a new style of NMBP jerseys. This winter, I heard the pleas for a more traditional, road-style jersey, and now they are here. Remember, you must be logged in to too see the patrol store.

Look to the photos here to see one modeled by IMBA staff, and scope out the Primal Wear fit guide to judge your size. Ladies, you should be able to rock one of the smaller sizes... I tried them on and an XS fits me pretty well (I'm 5'4" and about 120lbs). Whoa, talk about full disclosure. Who says I don't give my all to the NMBP?

We also got in another run of sizes in the baggy mountain bike jersey that we've had for a while now, so if you've also been waiting for those to come in, buy now, since we're adding new patrollers all the time.

Thanks for your support and volunteerism,


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