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2012 Clothing - We Want to Hear From You

It's a new year, and that means new clothing possibilities. Let us know what options appeal to you, both for using on the trail and for just spreading the word on the street.

Please click here to complete a short poll.

We expect to get a new round of items going by spring, so let your voice be heard! The poll will close January 31, 2012.

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Final comment

After working several events with the National Ski Patrol over the past few weeks, I would like to make the following observation; The color red in the new jerseys is fine, very similar to the NPS jackets, and I do like the front-and-back white cross design. Back when IMBA made up the first yellow NMBP jerseys, the National logo was small and on the left chest. We prevailed with the folks in Boulder to have full-sized insignia on the front and the back, so we could be identified from the front. (Otherwise hydration pack straps covered up the small logo.). When we designed the first red jerseys, we intentionally had the NMBP banner emblazoned across the chest. The white cross on the front is kind of an the next version of that, combining both the cross and the banner logo. A lot of members, particularly women, like the Primal Wear jerseys. A fair number of us, myself included, prefer the "freerider" design and sizing. Can we keep the Primal Wear program as is, and also, either through them or Voler, offer a freestyle jersey with the white cross logo on back and front? (And open space on the left sleeve for the local patrol/medical patches, or the option of having it screened on for the local unit. I know Voler does this for local bike clubs that are part of larger national groups.)

Working with the ski patrol emphasizes to me the importance of having jerseys that quickly identify us to the trail using public. The white cross logo places us on a par with National Ski Patrollers, and as we all know, a lot of MTB riders are also alpine and Nordic skiers. In addition, we have started seeing a few red shop/team jerseys popping up with the white banner and team name where we have "National Mountain Bike Patrol +" on our Volers. One guy from our local LBS even came up and steered me to a rider who needed help at a major race, because the ill rider thought that rider wearing the red jersey with the banner was a patroller. Then, after we finalize a design, we need to trademark it so the only other people on the trail with white crosses on their red jerseys will be from Switzerland.

Ride safe,

Patroller Jersey

I would like to see two jersey styles offered; the traditional race style with the 3 rear pockets (which is what I prefer) and the free-ride or loose fit jersey style...color wise I think the red was just fine as it stood out better than the green or a red/white/black camouflage look.

patrol jersey

I don't mind red mesh but would like a V-neck tee or a zipper mountain (read loose fit) bike jersey. Choice of long and short sleeve. Live in the northeast and it can be chilly! No back pockets necessary - use a hydration pack. Maybe a hydration pack with logo would be nice and possibly a good idea?

We already have NMBP

We already have NMBP embroidered hydration/patrol packs. Check out the NMBP page on the NMBP store:


Don't change

a thing. Simply add a traditional jersey to the line up.

Another vote for current red

Another vote for current red jersey / white cross design. Excellent recognition and faux credibility from all user groups. Very helpful in allowing the patroller to take control of a situation (medical, etc).

Are there not enough of us that we can provide both "freeride" cut and a traditional club cut jersey options? Local clubs are able to get 10pc minimums on custom jersey orders these days, surely NMBP could to the same (albiet at a higher cost)? I prefer both cuts, just for different purposes. I have a wide variety of other jersey styles, would appreciate having the same flexibility with my patroller gear.


I am fine with either jersey quite frankly. The problem I had was that we were told that the new jerseys were the same size/fit as the old ones. Well, I ordered a large, and it was no where near the same size at all. I sold it to a fellow patroller, and tried to order an XL, but they have been out of stock ever since, and I never got one.


Thanks for the comments, everyone. I'll keep checking back and reading them until the poll is closed.

One thing I can already say for sure is that I've got no chance of making everyone happy. :)

There's already a substantial divide between traditional jerseys vs baggy, and zippers vs. no zippers.

This is always a tough job for us, because our mission is to find clothing that the majority of people will like and fit into -- while also meeting the critical goal of keeping costs down. The more expensive the clothing, the more it costs you guys. And we have to make sure we're not taking money away from the needs of the program to buy and ship this stuff. So, it's quite a balancing act.

At any rate, keep the feedback coming, and I'll get back to you with results.

cheers, Marty

jerseys and shorts

After reading many of the comments, I decided to weigh in. I love the classic lycra shorts of old days and am so-so about the baggy shorts. As a former mountain bike racer, the lycra just made sense and is more comfortable than the baggy shorts (my opinion). As for the jerseys, I prefer the older style Voler racing/club jerseys, but agree that they should probably be in the red/white color. This older jersey with the 3/4 zipper and three back pockets was comfortable, breathable and practical. The 3/4 zipper provided extra ventilation on hot days. The newer football style jersey and then bicycle jersey with 1/4 zipper and zippered back pocket are neither practical or very breathable. I would like to see a return to the older style jersey (the last one made in yellow and green), but change the color and emblem to match our current logo of white on red. As for color of red, I prefer the deeper red of the football style jersey (first iteration of new color scheme).

I also would like a NMBP long sleeved shell similar to the Pearl shell with the detachable sleeves of several years ago in white on red.

Just my two cents.

Paul from WI where winter has yet to arrive

2012 Clothing

It would benice that patrol units registered with IMBA could get their patrol's name on their 2012 riding jerseys!!

Second, it would be nice if we could get the nice, padded riding shorts we used to be able to purchase. The baggy shorts are NOT for everybody! Why did IMBA quit offering them?!


keep red. how about a girl cut for the females?

"Girl Cut"

The 2011 jerseys already come in Women's-Specific cut/design and sizes, from XS to XL. They are right next to the men's on the NMBP page of the IMBA online store. Right now they must be out of the XS and XL, which is one reason they are asking for input before ordering more.

Regards the old yellow and

Regards the old yellow and green color concept. We had a real identity crisis with that combo; please don't bring it back. Frankly, it just looked like a thousand other club or racing jerseys that a rider could expect to find on the trail. The red jerseys have been a great help with rapid identification in both emergencies and other patrol functions. People recognize and respect the white cross on a red background immediately and come to us for help and assistance without question. When the red jersey rolls up on a situation, people immediately listen up and get organized. Victims assume the red jersey is ready knowledgeable and prepared to help.
While I understand the desire for a warmer jersey, please don't forget that the vast majority of riders do most of their riding in cool to hot weather (not cold). I much prefer a zip neck club cut jersey with pockets over the free style pocket-less "flag in the wind" style.
A durable "properly sized" wind jacket would be great. I would suggest maintaining the red and white color combo but adding substantial (perhaps white) reflective bands. Unfortunately, red makes for a great night time camouflage so the reflective bands would really help with night and low light SAR and other emergency responses.

Patrol Clothing

Our patrol group is affiliated with WORBA, that's a chapter in Wisconsin. Our biggest task is to provide first aid services at many of the off-road racing and endurance racing events occurring across the state of Wisconsin. Our reputation has been expanding over the past few years, primarily because of visibility at events, so that we have been asked to help at road events, triathlons, and most recently cyclocross events. In early December, we provided services for the Midwest Regional Finals for Cyclocross in Madison, WI and are going back to the same venue for the National Finals this week. In December the temps were in the single digits in the morning, rising to 21F by mid-day. The temps this week are predicted to be freakishly high most of the week (low 30's). As a patrol, we snow ride on the local trails 2-3x per month. I have personally purchased every piece of uniform the NMBP had to offer and there is nothing in the collection that allows me to be visible in the late Fall, winter and early spring, and stay warm.
Surely you can come up with some kind of a shell that can be used over the winter riding clothes that we all own. The wind/jacket that was sold to me last year by Primal was nothing more than a long sleeve jersey, and the Storm jacket is a very nice coat that is great for standing around in, but riding with it becomes an instant bath - the vents are totally inadequate. Please consider some selection for cool/cold weather riding that allows us to maintain that crucial visibility!

WI vs MN

You actually have snow in southern Wisconsin?

The Backcountry Trail Patrol has had red anoraks/jackets since 2004, because we also do ski/snowshoe patrol. (That was before Pugslys came on the scene.) The original anoraks were from L.L. Bean, and are made out of 3-ply Supplex, a very durable, breathable fabric with a hand (feel) very similar to the 60/40 cloth of the old Sierra Designs classic mountain parkas. We had the patrol logo and "PATROL" screen-printed on the sleeves locally. A couple years ago, right before IMBA came out with the Stormtech jacket, we had a 2nd batch made up, but since Bean no longer offers the "mountain anorak", we ordered red zip-front taffeta jackets, and had the same design printed on the sleeves. One reason we like these garments is they are slightly longer than the jerseys, and they also offer excellent wind protection when used with a layering system. They were also about 1/3 of the price of the Stormtech jacket. Any local "identity wear" dealer can help you find exactly what you want and have it made up for you.

We would really love to have you WORBA folks back up on the Chequamegon with us!

Ride safe,

Patrol clothing

Personally I liked the old yellow and green jerseys and road shorts. (they seem'd much more professional looking, probably in our case because of the fact that they looked very similar to our Vt. state police colors)
I have never liked the baggy, gravity racer, snowboarder look of the loose & baggy clothes and would like to have the option of a traditional short.
I do understand standardizing around the look of the national ski patrol style and feel that we need to agree on a standard look as it is inpractical to keep changing the style or colors, we end up with many different uniforms and don't look like a unified group.
Our patrol encourages the use of bike rack mounted quick disconnect packs, This makes us more recognisable as our jerseys are not covered up, and heavy gear is easier to carry this way. I think any jersey must have pockets, I like to carry my radio in a back pocket as that location allows for a higher gain antenna than is possible with a chest harness.
The bizarre sizing changes have left us with a great deal of uncertainty about what size to order, all clothing should include a measurement indicated sizing chart.
Steve Cota <>Green Mtn. Bike Patrol.

I love my women's specific

I love my women's specific patroller jersey. Thank you for getting those. I was swimming in the smallest of your old sizes. Also, many people ask about my awesome bright yellow patroller jacket with the removable sleeves from about five years back. I know others would like to be able to order this. The patrol backpack you offed this year was so good that I had to get two. They have already travelled all over the place with me.
- Carrie in Illinois


I like the material of the old jerseys. I would like to see jerseys that are less the urban jersey and more the traditional. The woman's jersey looks great, if only there was a man's identical jersey.

Patrol jerseys

The old mesh patrol jerseys were better, but PLEASE add the standard 3-pocket (NO ZIPPER) back panel! I do like the redder red of the new jerseys.


Agreed with the previous posts, except I can relate some history: When NMBP was moved from NORBA and re-organized in IMBA in 1998, our national coordinator was a racer, and IMBA came up with a green-yellow-gold, racer-type jersey.It was Voler "club cut" in both short and long sleeve, and despite it's tight fit, was fairly popular, and established a quickly visible ID on the trails and at events for the new NMBP. In 2004, the NMBP program was revitalized and reorganized, and the Advisory Committee, which I was part of, came up with a new, "free-rider' style jersey from Voler; the familiar red jersey with the white stripe and black lettering on the chest, and white cross on the back. On both the yellow and red jerseys, space was intentionally left open on the left sleeve for patrol and/or medical certification patches. With the input of the advisory committee, we created a new jersey that ultimately, proved extremely popular with the patrols and patrollers across the system. At the time, IMBA was going through a change itself, and their marketing people felt the image of NMBP need to change with it. Although there was initally some reluctance to the change, the red shirts quickly became accepted, and remain today as the go-to symbol for help and assistance for mountain bikers and other trail users.

While I am no longer on the Advisory Committee, I still "keep my ear to the ground". I was surprised when Katherine announced the new jerseys and jackets from Primal, but went ahead and ordered one...I had to ask them to open an additional size...and was VERY disapointed with the results. For me, at 6 ft. 3 in, 250 lbs, the 3XL is too short in the body, and too tight across the chest, shoulders and gut. I basically wasted $50.00 (with shipping) on a shirt I will never wear, even if I loose 30 more pounds. There is no place for patches on the sleeve. As mentioned, they don't match to old ones in the color. The only good thing out of the new shirts was that some of our female patrollers (actually, all of them, I believe) finally got women's-specific jerseys that fit them.

I have not be able to get anyone from the Advisory Committee to tell me why we needed a new style jersey. Was it another marketing thing? Did the agreement with Voler run out? Did anyone look at the notes from 2004 to find out why the red jersey was designed the way it was?

Please, bring back the freestyle, no zip jerseys, in sizes big enough for those of us who do not have petite, racer sized bodies. (This argument actually also had to be made both in 1998 and in 2004. Evidently there are no "Clydesdales" working at IMBA, and the orders always started out too small.)

That is my 2 cents worth.
Ride safe,
Hans Erdman, WEMC-I
NMBP Patrol Instructor
Backcountry Trail Patrol Association, Inc.
Isanti, MN


I'm with you about the sizing of the latest jersey. Either they ran really small or all of my other jerseys are stretched out! Maybe having a sizing chart would help people get what fits them. At 5'7" and 150 I shouldn't be cramped in a large.

I do prefer a zipper, though. Without a zipper and a long ride with my pack on it tends to become difficult to remove my jersey until my back dries off. I'm not trying to gross anybody out, but I don't think I'm the only one with this issue. My wife loves it when I get half out of my jersey and start screaming for help. Most of my jerseys have a 3/4ish zipper, which I love dearly.

There's my .02


National bike patrol clothing

first, please bring back the old style jerseys. also, bring back the yellow jackets that had the bike patrol on the sleeves, front and back. the same with bike shorts with bike patrol on the sides ---


I need pockets. I don't like the old baggy jersey for this reason (no pockets) and always end up wearing a normal jersey underneath it. I like to be able to reach back and grab food as well as stop on the trail to pick up trash and just reach around and put it in a pocket to take off the trail.

Pocketses (Gollum)

How about a patrol/hydration pack? They has pocketses!


3rd vote for older style jersey

I actually ordered a couple of the 2011 style jersey on closeout, but the size sold out before my order was filled, so the 2012 was substituted. The zipper on the back pocket of the jersey is terrible, as the camelback sits right on top of it, which gets uncomfortable.

The older baggy style was MUCH better.

womens jersey

the women's jersey fit great, thanks so much for adding them this year

no zippers

I don't want a zippered pocker either, but the normal 3 pockets like most jerseys have would be great!

Brick back the old patrol jerseys

Please PLEASE PLEASE bring back the mesh red patrol jerseys. I don't wear jerseys with zippers, and I don't think I'm alone in this. There's other people who want them back if you read the comments.

Old patrol jerseys

I agree. Bring back a Patrol Jersey in a short and long sleeve. The long sleeve's would be great in the colder climates. On the long sleeve you could put logos on the arms.

Yes, bring back the old patrol jerseys

I was disappointed when I got my NMBP jersey this year. I participated in a group order. None of us realized the style had changed and I ordered the size I felt would work based upon the old style. Because it was a racing style it is snug and not to my liking. Additionally, other members of our patrol group have the old style jersey and we look mismatched when we ride together, like we are not from the same patrol.

I have been part of Bike

I have been part of Bike Patrol for a long time and have each version of the jersey going back to the green roadie jersey. This last version was by far the worst fitting one of them all. I couldn't fit in the thing and not look like a skin suit. My favorite jersey was the 2nd red mesh jersey. The first red ones where not mesh and got really hot but the second version was great and what most of us wear today since no only likes the new one except the smaller members.

In our area we all wear camelbaks so there is no need or pockets as there is no way to carry everything needed to help someone needing medical attention in just jersey pockets.

I would also like to see the jackets come back but in red to match the current color scheme.