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Bike Park Building in Modi'in, Israel.

Trail Solutions have been busy finishing off work on the jump area at Modi'in bike park in Israel. Trail Specialist Mark McClure has been in the country for the past two weeks working alongside the crew in Modi'in to design and build the first free urban bike park in the Middle East.

The bike park is located in an area of former waste ground on the outskirts of the city, the surrounding areas are being developed for housing and sports areas which provides facilities for tennis, basketball, soccer and petanque which are all available free of charge to the local community. The bike park now offers an exciting addition to these activities.

Here is Mark's report on the build process at Modi'in Bike Park.

To build a jump line on relatively flat ground requires an import build, material is brought to the site and moved and shaped to become the trail features, jumps, rollers etc. On this build we decided to use a bulk material to form the base of the jumps and a finer surfacing material to finish off the trails. A (very tired!) Bobcat 150 was used for the entirety of the build with access to backhoes and a large excavator for digging and hauling material. We used over 1500 cubic meters of the base material to create the jump lines, all of which was delivered to site and distributed by Bobcat.

Surfacing a trail is labour intensive and requires hand work to ensure a perfect finish. The team worked from 7am through to 10.30 each morning before stopping for a well earned tea break. The local workers brewed the sweet tea on site and delivered it to us as we worked.

A surfaced trail must have the base layer flow tested in order to ensure that the shape and flow of the features are correct before surfacing is applied. One evening after the build crew had left for the day I was flow testing the base layer. A group of workers from the adjacent construction site were cheering me on as I hit the jumps. I invited the guys over to take a go on my bike and try out the trails for themselves. These guys were hardcore, even losing a sandal didn't deter them from hitting the trails, despite the razor sharp pins in my pedals! The Hebron boys ripped the trails and left with smiles and laughter, energized for the rest of their working week.

Its not just construction workers who will benefit from and enjoy the bike park but the entire community in Modi'in. A number of local youths came out to flow test the park with me. These kids were stoked to have a new bike park in their town and were already starting to perfect air'ing the table tops. The feedback from local riders is always really useful when developing a bike park, ensuring the designer knows both the local skill level but also the aspirations for the types of trail features that could be included in a bike park.

As the team pulled together to finish the jump lines the final day of the build saw visits to the bike park from the local press along with a number of supporters of the project from the wider biking community in Israel .

Modi'in Bike Park is the first of it's type in Israel although it's creators hope this will be the first of many! Bike parks such as these provide a fantastic resource to their adjacent communities whether that is through the recreation of local residents or the economic benefits associated with an influx of visitors travelling to use the facility.

Watch the video below to see an interview with Trail Solutions Mark McClure and Jump-Up's Ira Shemesh about the construction of Modi'in Bike Park.

IMBA Trail Solutions worked at Modi'in in partnership with Doron Amitz (Bike Israel) Otto Freidmann (Otto Freidmann Architects) and Ira Shemesh (Jump Up) to design and construct Modi'in Bike Park, Israel.

Many thanks to Sababike ( for the video and photographs and also Lior Dayan for the use of his photographs.

If you interested in building a bike park in your area please contact Chris [dot] Bernhardt [at] imba [dot] com for more details of how Trail Solutions can work with you to realize your vision.

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