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Sexing Up the Public Lands Initiative

Image: Bike advocacy can be a hoot — but sometimes it just doesn't come across that way.

The goals of IMBA's Public Lands Initiative are lofty and admirable. The program is designed to offer new resources to promote a bicycle-friendly approach toward our nation’s legacy of public lands protection.

Hello — are you still with me?

Pay attention here people!

Even though public policy impacts thousands of mountain bikers, it's not easy to make these stories "sexy." Look at the wonky acronyms that crop up when we discuss this work:

"Soon after the PLI was launched at the BLC, IMBA decided to tackle RTP and LWCF funding."

It all amounts to TMI for many mountain bikers.

So what's your advice? How can we make the dozens of vitally important issues that the PLI team works on a bit sexier?

Send your suggestions — and perhaps a tasteful photo — to PLI coordinator kristy [at] imba [dot] com (Kristy Kibler.)

The first three people to send her e-mail messages on this topic will receive a token of our appreciation from the IMBA store! The better the suggestion, the better the reward.

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for Kristy Kibler

Wow, it’s a hard sell. How do you up the ante on such a pristine land initiative.

How about scantily clad models molding and shaping berms and jumps? How about having a golden ribbon of singletrack showing the way to a better life?

How about showing details of the perma-grin we get everytime from riding dirt brought about by the hard work of IMBA?

I’m a public servant and my job is NEVER sexy or highly sought after. On the contrary, its underappreciated except by those that work in the field.

Anything IMBA does is making my wow factor that much better.

Hope this helps.