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The Need for Speed

The photo for this post is of my son, Sam, who's nearly 3. He loves to ride his no-pedal bike. In fact, he loves to ride it as fast as his little legs can propel him.

The apple didn't fall too far. I like going fast on my bike too, even though I crash with alarming frequency. Pete Webber, an amazing bike racer and the fellow who first hired me at IMBA, once told me that I'm "a danger to myself and to others" on a mountain bike.

Still, I usually dust myself off, vow to work on my bike handling skills and get back to speed as quickly as possible.

Riding fast is fun, but public trails aren't racecourses, so it's tricky finding places where riding flat-out is appropriate (gosh, I'm really starting to sound like a dad).

I recently chimed in on a debate in the local paper about trail access when the issue of speedy bikes mixing with slow-paced pedestrians came up. Pssst ... my handle in the comments section is MTE_67.

What's a hyperkinetic 3-year-old, or 43-year-old, to do? One good solution would be to develop a trail system that's designed for one-way and bike-only travel.  Here in Boulder it seems like that could be an option on the east side of town some day.

It would be a good idea to post some signs advising riders to watch out for middle-aged x-c nerds on race bikes. Especially the guy who keeps crashing.


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